How do you get FREE marketing for your company? Follow’s lead.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a dentist, or a Realtor, your customers are going to tell their friends about their experience with your company–good or bad. And now, when they tell their friends, they’re telling hundreds or thousands of people with one click of a “post” button on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

But how do you get your customers to talk about your business? How do you get them to take time out of their schedule to post about YOU? In today’s connected digital society, you’re competing with EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD that could be talked about–what’s going on in politics, your favorite sports team, stock portfolios, kids’ dance recital, vacation pictures and more. So how do you keep your business relevant enough to be talked about?

You’ve got to have “Talk Triggers” built into your business.

I recently saw one of my favorite speakers, Jay Baer, at the annual Digital Summit in Dallas, Texas, where he described these triggers as “operational choices that create marketing victories,” and he’s nailed it!

Baer has successfully taken the vague marketing buzz words “word of mouth” and created an actual system for business owners to use when thinking about how to get their customers to talk about the experience they had with their business. If you want to get your customers talking about you, you’ll sit down with your marketing team and develop a plan for the talk triggers in your business NOW.

The 4 R’s of a Talk Trigger

  1. Remarkable – If the talk trigger isn’t something that stands out during the customer’s busy day, and provides a TRUE “wow” factor, it’s not worth sharing, and they will not talk about it.
  2. Repeatable – Whatever your talk trigger is for your business, it must be scalable and repeatable to all of your customers.
  3. Realistic – While it needs to “wow” your customers, it must also be authentic. If it’s not realistic or genuine, it will feel like just another marketing shtick.
  4. Relevant – If you are in the restaurant business, it should be something that is food related. If you’re in the medical business, it should be related to your field of expertise. For instance, do you know what company should give away an iPad for marketing? Apple. That’s it.

The 5 Types of Talk Triggers

  1. Talkable Empathy – Your company’s values need to align with your customers’ values.
  2. Talkable Usefulness – It’s the most useful example of the product or service in your category of business.
  3. Talkable Generosity – Doing something extra is worthy of being talked about because most businesses this day and age aren’t willing to give a little extra.
  4. Talkable Speed – Speed of service is memorable and makes for great stories…but make sure it’s GOOD service that is also quick.
  5. Talkable Attitude – If you love your customers, it will show. If you don’t, it will show as well.

People love telling stories about their own experiences with businesses, and ever since the Digital Summit two weeks ago, I’ve been on the look out for the perfect example to share regarding Baer’s Talk Triggers. Then it happened.

I was personally struck by a post from a friend who had an unbelievable experience with

For those not familiar, is an online pet supply business that is known for great service. I’d heard of them before, but when they executed a talk trigger for a friend of mine, I immediately became a customer. Immediately.

My good friend, Hanadi, recently had to put her cat down after discovering a massive brain tumor that was inoperable. Hanadi and her husband, Kasey, were devastated, as most fur baby parents would be.

After dealing with the emotional trauma of losing her beloved pet, she received her regularly scheduled bag of cat food from, and decided to call to see about getting a refund.

This is where activated the trigger.

Wow… Remarkable? Check. Repeatable? Check. Realistic/Genuine? Check. Relevenat? It couldn’t have been more relevant. Not only are they refunding her money, but they’ve insisted she keep the food and donate it to a shelter in her cat’s name! That’s amazing.

And what did Hanadi do? She IMMEDIATELY stopped what she was doing and posted this review on Facebook. Guess what happened next…

Friends began commenting on their experiences or experiences that THEY had heard about from other friends. I even personally went online and bought dog food that I needed to go to the store for. Others pledged to start using…and even responded to the thread themselves!

But it didn’t end there. That dog food that I ordered on Wednesday at 12:18pm? It was on my front porch at 1:30pm the next day.

Did show empathy for their customer’s situation? No question. Was it useful to the customer? Without a doubt. Was it over the top generous to tell the customer, “don’t even worry about sending it back to us. Donate it to a local animal shelter in your cat’s name?” Absolutely. Do you think Hanadi felt loved by And then to send a 40 pound bag of dog food to one of her friends in just over 24 hours? That’s fast.

For help developing “talk triggers” for your business, contact us today for a free consultation!

Want to hear more about Talk Triggers from Jay Baer himself? Check out a clip from one of his recent speeches!