Social Media: Content Marketing vs. Advertising

I came across this video about local businesses benefitting from social media on the local CBS affiliate, KBTX. The idea of the story is not new. It’s no secret that social media is a tremendous tool for business owners to generate more business. But why is it successful for some businesses and seems like a waste of time for others?


For most social media addicts such as myself, a business that spams their wall or timeline with constant promotional posts, or “advertising,” will not remain part of my Facebook newsfeed or Twitter timeline for long. Most people don’t care about 10% off of your product this afternoon. When you do offer discounts on social media, it needs to be a great deal that people get excited about. As in…something really good should be free, or close to it.

But coupons aren’t the secret to success online. Businesses like Shipwreck Grill do a good job of mixing it up with fun posts such as video contests, or open mic night videos, etc. They post content that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the business. It’s engaging content that people enjoy and pass along on their own personal Facebook and Twitter pages, sharing the information with their friends. And since the average person has 130 Facebook friends, that’s pretty good word of mouth advertising.

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