First Impressions – 6 ways to make your business card stand out

Your first impression is just that. A one-time shot. For some of your customers, your first impression may be your Facebook page. For others, it may be your website or a flyer. But one of the most common items that people see first, is your business card.

What does your business card say about your business? Is it clean? Does it reflect the same image as your other print materials? Has anyone ever commented on them?

Check out this “business card” by national sales expert Geoffrey Gitomer.

Yes, it’s a coin!

Now that’s something that will stand out! But you don’t have to pay a fortune for metal coins to draw people to your business…although it won’t hurt!

There are all sorts of ways to make your business cards stand out in a crowd. Here are six!

1. Unique Shape – The days of boring 3 x 2 business cards are numbered. The last networking event I went to, I picked up circle cards, square cards, etc. This is a great way to differentiate your cards from the same old, same old.

2. Stock/Coatings – When I hand out a 6 Shooter Marketing card, 90% of the time I receive a compliment on the card stock and coating that I use. I’ve had people ask me, “is there lotion on this card?” No, it’s called soft touch coating, and people love it. More importantly, they remember you.

3. Picture – This isn’t for everyone, but if you attend lots of networking events, a photo is a great idea. At an average trade fair or Chamber of Commerce event, I may pick up 20-60 cards. If I have one with a photo on it, not only will I remember you from earlier in the day, I’m also more likely to remember your name (and your business) next time I see you.

4. White Space – When I get a card for someone that I am extremely interested in connecting with, or using their business, I typically make a note on the card that will trigger a memory for me later on when I save the contact information, etc. Make sure you leave some space for people to make notes.

5. Call to Action – This is one of the things I most regret from my current cards, and I’m not going to throw away the remaining 3,000 cards or so, but this will be added to my next order of cards. I received a card not too long ago that said, “email me for a free list of 20 ways to use social media in your business” on the back. Brilliant. For your business it may be a promotional coupon, a free consultation, or a giveaway if they visit your website. Be creative.

6. The “Other” category – What if you really want to get creative? How about this? A mechanical engineer has a business card that doubles as a catapult…he calls it, “the cardapult.” I bet you’ll remember this one!




If you’d like to visit about ways to make your business stand out, contact 6 Shooter Marketing today. From business cards to websites and social media profiles, we can develop a comprehensive plan to help you get the most out of your business!