Want to get your business’ message into the press? Need help handling a crisis that is causing you to lose sleep at night? 6 Shooter Marketing CEO, Dallas Shipp, has handled crisis communications on both the corporate side and the journalistic side, providing a keen sense of how to maintain a clear and positive message for your business in times of need. He’s also helped businesses go from having zero media exposure, to becoming a regular source for multiple local, regional and national news outlets online, over the airwaves and in print.

As a former journalist himself, he understands how to work with members of the media to help them tell their story, while at the same time, disseminating clear, concise information for his clients.


6 Shooter Marketing helped Aggieland Outfitters partner with the Association of Former Students, as well as the Houston A&M Club to host a pre-game tailgate, drawing more than 4,500 people!

Event planning goes hand and hand with corporate relations, and 6 Shooter Marketing has proven to be one of the best in the business at creating and managing events for clients. From celebrity appearances, to massive roadtrip tailgates and product launch parties, 6 Shooter Marketing has planned and executed many successful events. Let us help you generate the most buzz for your business to attract attention as well as create genuine engagement among your target audience and already loyal customers.

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